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One of the best fat burners I've encountered so far is Instant Knockout. If you are looking for your body to look completely defined in the coming months, this is the supplement you should use.
The reason you will like Instant Knockout is its proven natural ingredients, which means you will definitely get results.


Instant Knockout is a dietary supplement and an excellent fat burn, the goals of which are to reduce the feeling of hunger, improve metabolism and offer more energy.

Initially, this product was intended for professional wrestlers, in order to lose weight. At present, it is accessible to anyone looking for a product that can burn fat while developing muscle. If you play in the sports world and if you want to get a helping hand to enjoy better fitness, Instant Knockout is the food supplement indicated.

Available in capsule form, this supplement is to be taken four times a day. Containing caffeine, its consumption in the evening is not recommended. It is best to take the last capsule 5 or 6 hours before going to bed.


As already mentioned, taking the Instant Knockout was reserved for combat professionals. The product promoted weight loss before weighing. Thus, Instant Knockout allows in the first place to get more muscles and enjoy a better shape and fitness. It helps boost the body's metabolism, providing it with the energy to burn fat, without having to work hard. Even if you rest, you are spending calories.

By the way, when you take it between meal times, Instant Knockout limits the urge to eat. At the same time, the amount of fat ingested is reduced. On the other hand, when you exercise such as cardio, it can weaken your energy. With the energetic stimulants Instant Knockout holds, you will boost the energy of your body and you will succeed all your exercises. In short, eliminating superfluous fat is not as complicated if you opt for effective formulas, such as Instant Knockout.


Here is what is included in a portion of Instant Knockout :

Green Tea Extract [500mg]: A powerful thermogenic that increases your body's ability to use fat as energy. It's also an antioxidant that helps your organs get fatty acids faster. ETV can increase your stamina, and allow you to exercise longer.

Cayenne Chili Powder [100mg]: Burns fat by increasing your body temperature, causing your body to expend energy to lower that temperature. By increasing your metabolism and your thermogenesis, your fat burning ability is increased in two ways.

Glucomannan (konjac root) [500mg]: A powerful soluble fiber that expands and allows you to not want to snack on junk food.

Anhydrous Caffeine [350mg]: Stimulates energy and increases the effects of green tea and cayenne pepper.

Green Coffee Extract [100mg]: A kind of coffee with unroasted seeds. Very rich in chlorogenic acid that breaks down glucose levels in your liver, slowing the formation of fat from food.

Black Pepper Extract [10mg]: Assists in the absorption and bioavailability of other ingredients. Very good element.

Zinc [10mg]: Macro-nutrient treatment aid; proteins, carbohydrates and lipids in energy.

Vitamin B6 [5mg]: Helps maintain blood sugar levels when you stress your body during exercise, and when you change your diet.

GTF Chrom [100mcg]: Regulates insulin and helps balance blood sugar. Extremely important for your ability to partition nutrients, which can help you burn fat and build muscle.

Vitamin B12 [10mcg]: Key element in thyroid function, energy levels and the breakdown of fat and protein.


Instant Knockout is composed of natural ingredients and without health hazards, so there are no known side effects - however too much caffeine can have an impact. A daily dose of about 300-400mg of caffeine is considered safe, taking the 4 doses of Instant Knockout, you stay within these standards.

Because of its caffeine content, it is still advisable to avoid consuming other products containing caffeine (or other stimulant) in parallel and remember to leave about 5 hours between the last dose and bedtime.



  • Ingredients of good quality
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Very effective appetite suppression
  • Wide range of effective ingredients
  • Mostly well dosed


  • High levels of caffeine, so they should not be combined with other sources of stimulants.
  • Caffeine may adversely affect people who are sensitive to it
  • The money back guarantee requires a minimum order of a three month supply
  • It can only be purchased on the manufacturer's website
  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians as it contains gelatin


Instant Konockout is not sold in any supplement store like GNC or Amazon.

The only place where you can get Instant Konockout is on their official website. They don't provide any phone number, so you can only buy it online.

There are three packages you can choose:

A bottle costs $59.00, enough for a month.
Two bottles cost $118.00 and are enough for two months.
Three bottles cost you $185.00 and includes a one FREE bottle, so it will reach you for four months.

There is great confusion with the Instant Konockout satisfaction guarantee. Actually, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, only if you buy the 3-bottle package for $185.00.
This means that if you are not satisfied when you buy one or two bottles, you cannot ask for your money back. You can only request a refund if the bottles have not been opened.
And for the shipping cost is $ 7.95. But if you buy 2 bottles, shipping is free for USA & UK and free worldwide shipping if you buy 3 bottles or moore.