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As you age, testosterone plummets. You don’t have to accept the results which include diminished strength, lose of energy, lost of sex drive, decreases muscle tone, sleep goes more difficult, and finally ends up in depression.

Most Irish men out there wanted the power of enhanced testosterone levels. It does not only increase their physical abilities but also boost their inner confidence. But with known side effects of increased testosterone levels such as hair loss, acne, and the dreaded development of oversized man boobs, even the manly studs will not have the courage to try it.

An all natural testosterone booster is a much safer option than other types of testosterone boosting supplements in the market. Testosterone production begins dropping with age and these results in a reduced libido and impotence in men.

There are a whole lot of other body changes as well. However, you can increase testosterone naturally without resorting to testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone boosters can ramp up your workout efforts while increasing your endurance and mood. If you wish to increase the Testosterone level in the body, you must find out a Testosterone booster like Prime Male.


Testosterone is a hormone that determines your muscle mass. If you miss them, your efforts to gain mass will be in vain and you will quickly give up your desires to obtain the muscular body of which you dreamed. But there are different ways to increase your testosterone level naturally.

You are given many tips to boost your testosterone levels easily , and here is a food supplement that will be of great help to you: the Prime Male.

The Prime Male is a healthy product , which will help you on many levels. Its first action is to facilitate muscle development , helping your body produce more testosterone. It will provide your body with the essential nutrients to increase the production of this hormone, and with a much higher testosterone level you will be able to gain muscle fast.

But that's not all ! The Prime Male is a dietary supplement with multiple properties, because it not only boosts your testosterone production, but it acts on your strength , helping you to obtain powerful muscles (and not just the puff!). Convenient for athletes who wish to improve their performance in a field.

This natural product also helps you to reduce your body fat , to have a body without unnecessary fat residue. Your pecs and abs will be dry and hard, without excess fat. For a healthy volume, it's ideal.

In addition to these virtues, Prime Male will improve your mood , which helps you keep your motivation intact throughout your period of muscle growth, but also your libido . What to be at your best, the room and the bed!


There are no proprietary blends in Prime Male. That is a good thing.
Proprietary blends are what some supplement companies use to hide their dosages. They do this by combining ingredients and showing them under a large dosage. You do not know how much of each ingreident you get or how effective they are overall.
Fortunately, Prime Male does not do that. Each ingredient is clearly listed, with its individual dosage. There are also good opportunities here.

Here's what you need to know about the key ingredients:

● D-aspartic acid - D-Aspartic Acid is also a good choice - and an effective testosterone promoter. In a similar way to zinc, D-Aspartic Acid also helps boost the amount of luteinizing hormone in your bloodstream. Again, this can help as a pre-cursor to both growth hormone and testosterone - and give your body the much needed tune up.

● BioPerine - That's a nice bonus - but not for testosterone levels. BioPerine is essentially black pepper. This has been linked to increasing bioavailability - how well you absorb things. This can help you get the most out of the Prime Male supplement and let the effects kick in at a faster rate.

● Boron - The last ingredient in Prime Male - and it's a good one. Boron has been widely studied to help raise testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels. It is a good all-round mineral, and an essential supplement to support testosterone levels from every angle.

● Red Asian ginseng - Now ginseng has two big advantages - and the most important one is your libido.The main way that ginseng works is to increase the amount of nitric oxide in your bloodstream. This is a vasodilator that allows more blood to flow through your body immediately. This has been seen to help nutrient flow, but also erection quality - this really helps to drive your sex.

● Luteolin - A bioflavanoid extracted from fruits like lemons. Luteolin is a nutrient not often seen in testosterone boosters - but it is very effective. It inhibits the aromatase enzyme responsible for producing estrogen levels - meaning that there is less of the female hormone in your body. In a Chinese study, luteolin was selected as the most potent natural aromatase inhibitor when compared to nearly 1,400 other natural nutrients. This is a great addition to Prime Male.

● Magnesium - A good mineral for promoting free testosterone. Magnesium works by inhibiting SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). This is the protein that binds to testosterone and strips it of its anabolic potency - which essentially makes it useless. By inhibiting SHBG, more testosterone can circulate freely in your body - giving you more T total.

● Mucuna Pruriens - Mucuna Pruriens work a little more indirectly on some of the other nutrients in Prime Male - but it still has effect. Mucuna Pruriens contains L-Dopa, a component that helps to increase the overall levels of dopamine in your body while also helping to lower cortisol. That makes the difference. Cortisol is your body's stress hormone - and directly affects and lowers testosterone levels. With lower cortisol levels in your bloodstream, the easier it is for your testosterone levels to go up.

● Nettle Root - Another good ingredient for Prime Male, Nettle Root works in a similar way to magnesium. This is another nutrient that inhibits sex hormone binding globulin. As we have already covered, the less SHBG in your system, the less testosterone you will have taken the protein away. Nettle Root is great for keeping your SHBG levels low and your T levels high.

● Vitamin D3 - This is probably the best natural vitamin you can use for testosterone levels. That's because D3 is technically absorbed. It is absorbed by your skin from the sun's rays and is directly linked to the improvement of testosterone and bone density. It is estimated that as many as 1 billion people do not get enough vitamin D3 throughout the day. This is mainly due to modern life, with most of us spending our time in doors as outisde. Supplementing this vitamin is a good idea. Studies have shown that long-term supplementation of this vitamin can lead to the promotion of testosterone and overall health.

● Zinc - Another solid mineral for testosterone - but zinc does not promote free testosterone. It helps with the production. Zinc is a mineral that is used for many reactions in your brain to help with Luteizing Hormone (LH). LH is the precursor to growth hormone and testosterone. The more LH you have in your system, the more of this hormone you will be promoting.


Not what we experienced. We have not heard any negative things from other users. In fact, one of the most impressive things about Prime Male is its loyal customer base. If you look on their website, they have at least 50 different testimonials from customers who all swear by the product. They are all pretty detailed credentials too - and clearly shows that they are huge fans of the product.
You can see the long list of lucky Prime Male users on their testimonials page here: TESTIMONIALS


Prime Male is not sold in any supplement store like GNC or Amazon.

The only place where you can get Prime Male is on their official website. They don't provide any phone number, so you can only buy it online.

There are three packages you can choose:

A bottle costs $69 dollars, enough for a month.
Two bottles cost $138 dollars and are enough for two months.
Three bottles cost you $207 dollars and includes a one free bottle, so it will reach you for four months.

There is great confusion with the Prime Male satisfaction guarantee. Actually, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, only if you buy the 3-bottle package for $ 207 dollars.
This means that if you are not satisfied when you buy one or two bottles, you cannot ask for your money back. You can only request a refund if the bottles have not been opened.
And for the shipping cost is $ 7.95. But if you buy 2 bottles, shipping is free for USA & UK and free worldwide shipping if you buy 3 bottles or moore.